High Functionality, Low Cost Chemicals

Annikki is developing processes to make chemicals from straw. In order to address the challenges posed by greenhouse gas emissions, the Company´s founders have chosen to optimize processes in terms of their potential to minimize the impact to the environment.

Currently, about 1/3 of the oil produced is directed towards the production of chemicals, but only  5 % of total oil ends up in chemical products used by consumers. The remaining part of oil is lost in the sequence of production steps.

Annikki´s strategy is not only to make biomass-derived products, but to make these products in such a way that waste-production is avoided and energy conserved.  

With its mild conversion processes, Annikki gets the products it wants to have in very high purity, as side-reactions are avoided. In addition, the desired products themselves are obtained in unsurpassed yields. Mild process conditions and waste avoidance further entail low process energy costs as well as significant savings in equipment.

Annikki preserves chemical functionalities already present in nature´s chemical compounds. Annikki´s first range of aromatic products from lignin have moieties present, which come from nature at a fraction of what it costs to make them in conventional ways.

Annikki´s technology enables non-toxic bio-based alternatives to some of the high volume chemicals still in use nowadays, but which are detrimental to human health and the environment and need to be replaced. For example, Annikki has non-toxic alternatives to derivatives of benzene. These alternative products can be obtained by Annikki technology at a cost dramatically lower than the benzene derivatives they are set to replace.